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From The Desk of Executive Director Valerie Russell

On behalf of the
men and women of
the MAN Network,

The MAN Network was organized in the fall of 2006 and officially launched January 2007 with the gracious support of The Skillman Foundation.  We have been blessed by Almighty God with a great beginning and tremendous growth.  We exist to let men know that it's OK to BE A MAN.  In a world where there is identity confusion, mistaken identity, and even identity theft it is imperative that Men are affirmed, celebrated and encouraged to return to their God given role in society: LEADERSHIP.  That being said, at the heart of our passion is our desire to make the places where our families live, work, and play, safe. 

There is a passage in the The Bible that says "while men slept, an enemy came in and sowed tares among the wheat."   (Matt. 13:25).  John F. Kennedy once said "evil triumphs when good men do nothing."  It is time for men everywhere to rise up.  We are here to gather the men.  We are here to target specific issues and deal with them.  We believe our city is moving in a positive direction and the forces that would oppose progress must move out of the way.

In the spirit of true brotherhood we reach out in fellowship to all like passioned endeavors.  Light Houses don't compete!  We embrace and celebrate all the good efforts of the Block Clubs, Radio Patrols, Peace Keepers, Detroit Arise, The Parent Network, The Akebualn Villege, Inota At One and the Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers that stand on porches, and corners and watch to keep our children and city safe.  To all of the above and many more we say THANK YOU for all you have done.  Our former Mayor, Kwame M. Kilpatrick once said, "disorganized love can not defeat organized crime."  We are all passionate about something but lets be passionate together and restore the village, rebuild the city, and restore the hope.

We did not pick the fight,
we did not start the fight,
but we are now in the fight
and we can not lose!

All Praise To Jesus

Bishop Tony Russell, Founder
Pastor Valerie Russell, Executive Director

4777 East Outer Drive
Detroit MI 48234

Phone: (313) 445-1360

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