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MAN (Maintaining A Neighborhood) is a group organized to encourage men to return to a place of leadership in community policing, community pride, and community provision. We accept and embrace the challenge to put the "Neighbor" back into the "Hood" and make a "Neighborhood." In order to accomplish this mission we have executed a 3 phase strategy.

The first phase, (Presence), involves men in school patrols, foot patrols, and radio patrols.

The second phase of our strategy is called, "The Return of Respect". We believe that thought affects behavior, therefore in order to change behavior we must change thought. Through the use of a media campaigns, Respect Rallies, block parties, and RESPECT Gear we plan to saturate communities with the message of kindness, unity, non - violence and of course respect!

The final phase of our strategy involves support for men, youth, and our beloved seniors. At the Man Network we believe in "real" men not "macho" men. Therefore we know that Men especially fathers and single fathers need encouragement and support. To this end we have scheduled a series of meetings designed to provide speakers, discussion groups and other resources to help men be all that they can be. The mentorship division of the Network is called, The Fellowship of Sons. We will not attempt to reinvent the wheel but we will use our resources to bring the best to our sons so that they will grow to be reverent, respectful, responsible leaders. The Network will assist our seniors with the "Call A MAN" program. Our volunteers will provide free lawn care, snow removal, minor repair work, and transportation to our seniors at no charge. Through the execution of these strategies and with the help of Almighty God, we are determined that we will not be overcome by evil, but we shall overcome evil with good.


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Phone: (313) 287-2347

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