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From The Desk of Executive Director, Pastor Valerie Russell


The MAN Network has a 3 phase plan that explains how we plan to accomplish our goals.

"One of the things I think we've learned is that you've got to really be there. It's one of our philosophies. And so the reason why I think we've had some impact on this neighborhood is that we're here. If something happens, I'm right here. " - Dr. Mark Scott

"The big crisis we have in this community is the absence of fathers," says Mark Scott, Baker House's executive director. "The long-term solution is the resurrection of a vision of fatherhood, and thus family. In the meantime, we have to provide an intense kind of mentoring. Ministering may be a better word for it, because you really need to be there all the time." - Dr. Mark Scott

Here is our challenge in crime prevention: “Law enforcement” that is, Police usually get involved after a crime has been committed. In an area such as Osborn where the total crime risk is 372 points above the national average and the personal crime risk is 461 points above the national average our goal is to significantly lower these risk factors through community policing. Community Policing engages average citizens in block watches, foot patrols, mobile radio patrols, and other preventive efforts.

The fact is, where people are apathetic and look the other way crime thrives. When people care and make phone calls, show visible signs of community ownership and support, crime decreases.

In addition to patrolling the men of the network will be encouraged to positively interact with many of the young men who seem to be just “hanging out”. Our sons need positive male role models. While we want to deter crime we also want to encourage respect, community pride, and goodness. Each man in the network will be challenged to be a mentor to some youngster who may be headed in the wrong direction. We will not be overcome by evil. We will over come evil with good


The second phase of our strategy is to deal with the way people think. We understand that no matter what people have they wont change their actions unless they change their thoughts.  "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Prov. 23:7)
  • What we do is based on what we think.
  • What we think comes from what we know.
  • What we know comes from information.
  • Information comes from environment.
  • Environment is made up of words, pictures, sounds and influence.


How can we do this???

Using the power of music and message, Respect Rallies are designed to gather people in an atmosphere of celebration and then use motivational speakers who will encourage community pride and respect for self and others. Children will be given balloons that say “Respect Me” and “RESPECT” t-shirts, prizes, games, fun, music, and food for days will be available for all. We look forward to support from the business and corporate community. As a feature each rally will have a theme and special guest appearances from local and national celebrities.

We believe that the restoration of old fashioned respect for God, Self, and Community will eventually to a long way in changing the way people, especially our children feel about where they live.

The Community Support aspect of our strategy is called Man to Man. This part of our program has three components. Support for Men and Fathers, Support for Seniors, and Support for Young Men.

The goal of our Osborn community is to give parents the support and resources they need to raise their children to be successful. In keeping with this goal Man to Man will provide a regular format for discussion of issues key to men and fathers. Seminars will be held at monthly meetings hosted by various churches. Our goal will be to strengthen fathers and give them the tool necessary to be successful leaders and fathers.

Additionally we envision special seminars and an annual Man Network Summit where we will celebrate success, prepare for more effectiveness and encourage men to return to a place of strength, support and leadership in the community.

We will also launch The Fellowship of Sons. We know that much of our crime is committed by young men many of whom deal with rejection issues resulting from the absence of positive male influence in their lives. Men will be encouraged to be a “father figure” to a young man especially from a home where there is no father present.

The Fellowship of Sons will develop the leadership skills of young men between the ages of 8 and 16. Divided into two groups, Cadets (8-11) and Sons (12-16), this strategy will use the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and SETCLAE to prepare young men to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful members of community.

Our Senior Support program is called “Call A Man”. In addition to lawn care and snow removal, we will also provide minor repair work and transportation services at no charge to our beloved seniors. It’s all about respect! Seniors will be given brochures and refrigerator magnets that say “Need some Help?... Call A MAN.” They will be given important phone numbers along with our numbers. 371-9MAN and 1-888-3 A MAN

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